The raw text is like this:

<words> command feed world </words> tag=random      
<words> who is that ? </words> tag=normal

I need to substitute words for characters:

<words> c o m m a n d  f e e d  w o r l d </words> tag=random
<words> w h o  i s  t h a t ? </words> tag=normal

I know how to do it if the range is over lines, but don't know how to do it if the range is in a line..

My solution:

%s:<words>.*\zs(.)\ze.*</words>:\1 :gc

Without any doubt it does not work.

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Are you sure you've formatted that example correctly? Some of the spacing seems a bit arbitrary and doesn't seem straightforward to get right:

:%s:\(<words> .*\)\@<=\a\( \A\)\@!\(.* </words>\)\@=:& :g

In particular see :h \@<= for checking for the existence of a preceding item, and :h \@! and :h \@= for negative and positive assertions at the cursor position.

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