So, for example in tmux you can hold Ctrl+b and move the separation line with the arrow keys.

Is there any way to do this with NERDTree without using a longer, somewhat discrete command every time?

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    This might be sacrilegious, but have you thought about using the mouse? :set mouse=a. See :h 'mouse' May 12, 2017 at 16:54
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    Yes, I have, but was interested with the keyboard for.. you know..reasons.
    – MattSom
    May 13, 2017 at 13:47

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In Vim you can press Ctrl+w, < or > to decrease and increase window width, respectively. Add comfortable mappings for you, I use the arrow keys, as follows:

nnoremap <Up>    :resize +2<CR>
nnoremap <Down>  :resize -2<CR>
nnoremap <Left>  :vertical resize +2<CR>
nnoremap <Right> :vertical resize -2<CR>

Also, I enjoy this little snippet to create a useful quick resize toggle shortcut within NERDTree:

function! s:SID()
    if ! exists('s:sid')
        let s:sid = matchstr(expand('<sfile>'), '<SNR>\zs\d\+\ze_SID$')
    return s:sid
let s:SNR = '<SNR>'.s:SID().'_'

call NERDTreeAddKeyMap({
    \ 'key': 'w',
    \ 'callback': s:SNR.'toggle_width',
    \ 'quickhelpText': 'Toggle window width' })

function! s:toggle_width()
    let l:max = 0
    for l:z in range(1, line('$'))
        let l:len = len(getline(l:z))
        if l:len > l:max
            let l:max = l:len
    exe 'vertical resize '.(l:max == winwidth('.') ? g:NERDTreeWinSize : l:max)

With this, you can press w on NERDTree buffer to toggle width resize, I find it quite useful.


I found these more intuitive and useful after trying Rafi's answer

nnoremap <Up>    <C-w>+
nnoremap <Down>  <C-w>-
nnoremap <Left>  <C-w><
nnoremap <Right> <C-w>>

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