When I start a ruby block in the middle of a line, the next line is indented deeper than I'd like. It's indented from the start of the block, not the start of the line.


some_variable_name = begin

I would like line 2 to be indented one level deeper than 1. 3 should match 1.

Some more examples in this screenshot. Same logic applies to the case statement below.


The file that controls this lives at /usr/share/vim/vim80/indent/ruby.vim. Opening the file, I see it has two variables:

if !exists('g:ruby_indent_access_modifier_style')
  " Possible values: "normal", "indent", "outdent"
  let g:ruby_indent_access_modifier_style = 'normal'

if !exists('g:ruby_indent_block_style')
  " Possible values: "expression", "do"
  let g:ruby_indent_block_style = 'expression'

Unfortunately there is no documentation for this at all; either in :help ft-ruby-syntax or in the file. I tried playing with both, to no avail.

However, at the top of the file there is some author information:

" Language:             Ruby
" Maintainer:           Nikolai Weibull <now at bitwi.se>
" URL:                  https://github.com/vim-ruby/vim-ruby
" Release Coordinator:  Doug Kearns <dougkearns@gmail.com>

At that page GitHub, I see a newer version of indent/ruby.vim which has a new option:

if !exists('g:ruby_indent_assignment_style')
  " Possible values: "variable", "hanging"
  let g:ruby_indent_assignment_style = 'hanging'

Aha! This looks promising! I saved that file to ~/.vim/indent/ruby.vim, added let g:ruby_indent_assignment_style = 'variable' to my vimrc, restarted Vim, and now I get:

some_variable_name = begin

Which seems to be what you want!

Note that instead of downloading this one file, you may want to clone the entire project and load it as a package with some package manager or Vim's package feature. Unfortunately Vim's runtime files tend to lag a bit behind upstream.


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