My file contains ISBN-10 and ISBN-13, e.g.:

isbn:0062316095, more text
isbn:1847922635, much more text
isbn:9780486406510, even more text

I want to convert every ISBN-10 to the according ISBN-13 (rules). How can I do that in Vim?

Vim version is MacVim 8.0.525 (130).


I believe this does what you want. I've made a function to do the conversion and a mapping that triggers it. Simply place your cursor on the ISBN-10 and press Alt+i to replace it with its corresponding ISBN-13 number. (<A-i> is just a suggestion, and you can, of course, change it to whatever works best for you.)

nnoremap <A-i> ciw<C-r>=ISBN10ToISBN13('<C-r>"')<CR>

function! ISBN10ToISBN13(ISBN10)
   let ISBN13 = ''
   if (strlen(a:ISBN10) == 10)
      " Remove last number
      let ISBN13 = strpart(a:ISBN10, 0, 9)
      " Prepend 978
      let ISBN13 = '978'.ISBN13

      " Calculate the check digit
      let i = 1
      let total = 0
      for digit in split(ISBN13, '\zs')
         let total += str2nr(digit)*i
         if (i == 1)
            let i = 3
            let i = 1
      let check = (10 - (total % 10)) % 10

      " Append the check digit
      let ISBN13 .= check
      return ISBN13
      " Return -1 if input digit is invalid.
      return -1

And finally to replace ALL ISBN-10 in a file you can run a global command like the following:

:g/isbn:\d\{10}\>/ exe "normal!wwciw\<C-r>=ISBN10ToISBN13('\<C-r>\"')\<CR>"
  • :g run a command on every line that matches a pattern.
  • /isbn:\d\{10}\>/ A pattern that matches only ISBN-10 numbers.
  • exe ... Execute the following command (We need this so that we can use special characters like <C-r>)
  • normal!... A normal command that is identical to the <A-i> mapping above.

See :help split(), :help str2nr(), :help c_<C-R>, and :help :global for more info.

  • You are awesome.
    – lejonet
    May 2 '17 at 19:10
  • 2
    You could also apply your function to a substitute command, something in the lines of: :%s/isbn:\zs\d\{10\}\>/\=ISBN10ToISBN13(submatch(0))/g. I think that would be slightly better than the global command, for instance because it would work for multiple isbn's on a single line. May 3 '17 at 6:03

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