I want to know how to find the default copy register on any machine. I ssh into different machines and use vi. But on some of them the "+ and/or "* registers don't work. Also when I can use my mouse I can mark text and copy it with CtrlShiftc while that doesn't work in my own vi.

vi scp isn't ideal because I want to look around the machines and occasionally copy some details. I don't want to have to first ssh into the machine find out the file's location and to then use scp.

Also would it be possible to copy the remote machine's copy register onto my local machine's copy register?

  • I haven't seen a plugin for such task, but this would be good idea, for now you can try to use tmux buffers to copy between remote sessions. – mucka Apr 30 '17 at 7:45
  • Use ssh -XY to enable X11 forwarding; the Vim on the machine you're ssh-ing to will still need +clipboard though. See the duplicate question, which also contains links to questions which provide work-arounds if +clipboard isn't available. – Martin Tournoij Apr 30 '17 at 23:16