I'm just new to vim script, and I want to make gvim width auto adjust when open/close vimfiler or tagbar window.

here's my not working vim script:

let g:window_raw_width = 90
let g:window_width = g:window_raw_width

function adjust_tagbar_width()
    if (g:window_width == g:window_raw_width)
        g:window_width = g:window_raw_width + 40

        g:window_width = g:window_raw_width
    set lines=g:window_width

nmap <F9> :TagbarToggle<cr>
autocmd VimEnter,BufNewFile,BufRead * nested :TagbarToggle<cr>

please help me.

  • set lines=<number> changes window height. If i clearly understand your question, you need to change column. set columns=g:window_width – Alex Kroll Apr 28 '17 at 9:38
  • @AlexKroll , I think I did set lines=g:window_width, how to auto call this function when I open gvim ? – linrongbin Apr 28 '17 at 12:34
  • You might need to put string 'call adjust_tagbar_width()' into ~/.vimrc And map key to chained call nmap <F9> :TagbarToggle<cr>:call adjust_tagbar_width()<cr> – Alex Kroll Apr 28 '17 at 12:41

Function name should start from capital letter

let g:is_tagbar=0

function Adjust_tagbar_width()

    if (g:is_tagbar==0)
      let g:is_tagbar=1
      set columns=120
      let g:is_tagbar=0
      set columns=80

nmap <F9> :TagbarToggle<CR> :exec Adjust_tagbar_width() <CR>
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