I want to put some customizations of mine in the .vim folder, actually a subdirectory because I don't want to many .files in my home directory.

Is that alright or is the .vim directory restricted to some kind of approved plugins and other users?


The .vim directory under your home directory is used by Vim as the first place to search for vim scripts after starting up.

It's fine to add your own files, in fact a lot of plugins or plugin managers already do under their own subdirectory. Just be careful not to name your files or subdirectories anything that is already used by Vim. Take a look at the 'runtimepath' documentation for a list.

Starting from version 7.4 you can even put your .vimrc file in the .vim directory to declutter your home directory.


you can put your files there at will.

you can also create your own directories there.

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