When I use the normal mode and output the search result using the following input,

/LOAD \d\{-}\_p\+\d\n

it includes the first line, enter image description here

However when I use the ex-command,

:g/LOAD \d\{-}\_p\+\d\n/z

The output does not show the first line (line #504 is missing).

enter image description here

My intention is to redirect the output of the ex-command to another file, using the :redir command. How to include the first line to the search output using the ex-command?

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I think this is not caused by the :g command or the matching, but by the :z command. If you go to the LOAD line and do :z, the same thing happens.

Strange workaround: Do :g/pattern/-0z


What about :% g/\vLOAD\_p+/, this uses "magic" and makes the regex more readable. You can read about it in more detail in :h /magic

This also solves the disappearing first line.

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