In my .vimrc I have:

map <Leader>c :GitGutterToggle<CR>
map <Leader>n :set invnumber<CR>

Is there any way I can combine these two into one Leader entry?

For example:

map <Leader>c :GitGutterToggle && :set invnumber<CR>

I've tried the above, and variations thereof, to no avail.



One way to do that is map <leader>c :execute 'GitGutterToggle \| set invnumber'<cr> I don't have gitgutter so I've tested it with nnoremap <leader>c :exe 'echom "some" \| echom "other"'<cr>

In fact it's even simpler than that.

nnoremap <leader>c :echo 'some' \| echo 'other'<cr>
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  • Glad that I could help. – user1685095 Apr 17 '17 at 13:20

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