My searches for plugins which enable a terminal inside a Vim windows indicate that the main one is Conque, but the last update was 6 years ago. Are there some other better updated forks which are seen as the goto version?

Are there any newer alternatives to it?

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Since Conque's description states that:

...In other words it is a terminal emulator which uses a Vim buffer to display the program output.

Neovim with its built-in terminal might be your best bet. Once in the terminal buffer, you can press <c-\><c-n> to "exit" the insert mode of the terminal and then edit the text as a normal buffer (searching, marks, registers, motions, visual-selection etc).


vim 8 now also supports terminal feature. It also supports to edit terminal buffer as text using <c-\><c-n> or <c-w> + N, which is called Terminal-Normal mode in vim 8.

vim 8 also supports termdebug, a plugin that can launch gdb with or without builtin terminal support.

Just type packadd termdebug and termdebug program_name, then the current buffer (if not modified) will become source of the program, another 2 split windows for gdb and program (in another tty).

This provides all functionalities conque_gdb provides. For more info about this plugin, type :h termdebug after packadd termdebug.

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