As the title says. Is it possible?

Steps to reproduce:

Type in sample(text) and put the cursor on the first character then press w.

Expected behavior:

Cursor moves to beginning of next word - text

enter image description here

Current (and default) behavior:

The cursor moves to the first brace.

enter image description here

The Same thing occurs when there is for example aaa * bbb - cursor moves to * first.

I tried manipulating iskeyword but without success.

Is there a way to tell Vim to ignore those operator and braces characters?

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Is it possible?

Anything is possible with some scripting:

nnoremap <silent> <leader>w :call search('\<\w', 'W')<cr>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>e :call search('\w\>', 'W')<cr>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>b :call search('\<\w', 'bW')<cr>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>gE :call search('\w\>', 'bW')<cr>

It's not possible to change this behavior with iskeyword, however. Here's what :h word says:

A word consists of a sequence of letters, digits and underscores, or a sequence of other non-blank characters, separated with white space (spaces, tabs, ). This can be changed with the 'iskeyword' option. An empty line is also considered to be a word.

That is, a word motion is an alternating keyword or non-keyword sequence, that may be separated by whitespace. A word motion should not be confused with a word pattern (\w which only includes 0-9A-Za-z_).

This illustrates where the cursor jumps when you press w:

sample(text) { body }
^     ^^   ^ ^ ^    ^

Setting iskeyword+=( would give you these cursor jump positions:

sample(text) { body }
^          ^ ^ ^    ^

This is because sample(text is now considered a keyword.

This can be made clearer by using iskeyword=x to simplify your notion of a word motion:

xxxx xxxx xxabcxx def hijxxxlmn
^    ^    ^ ^  ^  ^   ^  ^  ^

I understand the frustration, though there are other ways around it which might be better to use since you could find yourself using vim on a server or other environment that doesn't have your customized command changes (and accompanying muscle memory).

In your specific example, you could do f t to jump directly to the start of text.

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