I have these lines in top of .vimrc

execute pathogen#infect()
call pathogen#helptags()
filetype plugin indent on
syntax on

When I type :help NERDTree I receive Sorry, help file "/usr/share/vim/doc/help.txt" not found

I am using MobaXterm on Windows. I tried same .vimrc file and ~./.vim folder structure on Linux and everything works fine.

  • Have you ran :Helptags as suggested by pathogen's documentation? Mar 23 '17 at 15:13
  • Yes, I don't get anything when run :Helptags from vim. Command stays there when hit Enter.
    – dukasvili
    Mar 23 '17 at 15:45
  • :Helptags is a pathogen variant of :helptags which builds the help document's help tags. Assuming you have everything setup you should now be able to run :h NERDTree Mar 23 '17 at 15:47
  • When I run :helptags I receive E471: Argument required, when run :h NERDTree I get Sorry, help file "/usr/share/vim/doc/help.txt" not found. I understand the concept of pathogen and I think I have good setup because every plugin works well, only documentation is problem. What is command for vim doc?I didnt try that.
    – dukasvili
    Mar 23 '17 at 15:55
  • It is :Helptags. Note: the uppercase H Mar 23 '17 at 16:17

Does "/usr/share/vim/doc/" exist on your Windows system? Is Vim looking for a path that isn't there?

  • /usr/share/vim exist but not doc folder. I have /usr/share/vim/vim74/doc
    – dukasvili
    Mar 23 '17 at 21:28
  • You might try running vim -V on the command line to get a sense of where your vim is looking for its files. Maybe check out Config files for the Windows version of VIM as a starting point. Mar 24 '17 at 2:02

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