I want to have a function that vimgrep for the word under the cursor appended to a predefined string.

I have defined this command:

command! -nargs=0 GJL vimgrep <cword> *.tex | copen

which does the job for only the current word. Now I want to grep for ref{ + <cword>. That is, in the case that <cword> is eqn1, I want to grep for ref{eqn1.

Any idea how to set up this function in a .vimrc?


Use exec with string concatenation:

command! -nargs=0 GJL exec 'vimgrep ref{'.expand('<cword>').' *.tex | copen'

In a function, you'd do something similar, but more neatly, I suppose:

function Foo()
    let l:pattern = 'ref{' . expand('<cword>')
    exec 'vimgrep' l:pattern '*.tex | copen'
  • Works like a charm. – Jan Mar 20 '17 at 8:32

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