To input w100p and ctrl+y+, or w100p and tab,w100p can't expand into width: 100%.
No snippets.json file found with command find / -name 'snippets.json',is it the reason?
snippets.json can download from url.

Where to put snippets.json in my vim installed directory?

tree  -L 1  /usr/share/vim/vim74
├── autoload
├── bugreport.vim
├── bundle
├── colors
├── compiler
├── debian.vim
├── delmenu.vim
├── doc
├── evim.vim
├── filetype.vim
├── ftoff.vim
├── ftplugin
├── ftplugin.vim
├── ftplugof.vim
├── gvimrc_example.vim
├── indent
├── indent.vim
├── indoff.vim
├── keymap
├── lang
├── macros
├── menu.vim
├── mswin.vim
├── optwin.vim
├── plugin
├── print
├── rgb.txt
├── scripts.vim
├── spell
├── synmenu.vim
├── syntax
├── tutor
└── vimrc_example.vim

In the mannual , Create snippets.json file in extensions folder to add or override snippets.

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    Read emmet-vim README - github.com/mattn/emmet-vim#adding-custom-snippets
    – grodzik
    Commented Mar 14, 2017 at 10:22
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    This seems trivially answered by reading the official readme for emmet-vim (something which should have been part of the basic research before asking this question), and grodzik even linked to the specific part. Given that you've opened a bounty several days after grodzik's comment, you seem to think that the readme is insufficient. Could you edit your question to explain why it's insufficient?
    – 8bittree
    Commented Mar 22, 2017 at 18:55

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mkdir -p ~/.vim/autoload ~/.vim/bundle && \
curl -LSso ~/.vim/autoload/pathogen.vim https://tpo.pe/pathogen.vim  

copy https://github.com/emmetio/emmet/blob/master/lib/snippets.json into ~./vim/snippets.json

vim .vimrc
let g:user_emmet_settings = webapi#json#decode(join(readfile(expand('~/.vim/snippets.json')), "\n"))

i've just stuck into the same problem while trying to add emmet abbreviations in vue.js single-file components, inside style section with stylus lang enabled.

So i checked out this docs:

:help emmet-css-expression-syntax

and found out, that we should use | symbol after abbreviation for our cursor position, and there are plenty other tricks. Just check it out.

enter image description here

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