To take a short cut in writing markdown files I need an abbreviation which can combine these abbreviations,

autocmd FileType * iabbrev pythoncode ```python```<left><left><left><cr>jjO<C-R>=Eatchar('\s')<cr>    
autocmd FileType * iabbrev vimcode ```vim```<left><left><left><cr>jjO<C-R>=Eatchar('\s')<cr>    
autocmd FileType * iabbrev bashcode ```bash```<left><left><left><cr>jjO<C-R>=Eatchar('\s')<cr>

into one,

autocmd FileType * iabbrev [aLanguage]code ```[aLanguage]```<left><left><left><cr>jjO<C-R>=Eatchar('\s')<cr> 

I don't know how to start with. In the input the "code" can be put ahead, resulting in the command being code[aLanguage], if it is more eligible.


You could use a loop and exec:

for l in ["python", "vim", "bash"]
    exec 'autocmd FileType * iabbrev' l."code ```" l."```<left><left><left><cr>jjO<C-R>=Eatchar('\s')<cr>"

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