In several terminal programs, such as PuTTY, SecureCRT, iTerm, and Mac OS Terminal, if I have NumLock on and I press the number pad (numpad) keys 0123456789 in insert mode, my vim looks like this:



If I use the numpad on the command line, it enters the numbers I expect.

How do I make vim type the right characters from the numpad?

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Short answer

Turn off “application keypad mode switching.”

Terminal-specific instructions

  • PuTTY (also here): Terminal > Features > uncheck Disable application keypad mode
  • SecureCRT: Session Options > Terminal > Emulation > Modes > Mode switching > uncheck Enable keypad mode switching
  • iTerm: Switch to iTerm2 or see general instructions below.
  • iTerm2 (also here): Preferences > Profiles > Keys > Load Preset… > xterm with Numeric Keypad or add the settings manually as shown here.
  • Mac OS Terminal (also here): Preferences > Profiles > Advanced > uncheck Allow VT100 application keypad mode
  • Other: look for an option like application keypad mode or see below.

General instructions for .vimrc

If the terminal-specific instructions don't work for you, you can fix it in vim by adding the following mappings to your .vimrc:

:inoremap <Esc>Oq 1
:inoremap <Esc>Or 2
:inoremap <Esc>Os 3
:inoremap <Esc>Ot 4
:inoremap <Esc>Ou 5
:inoremap <Esc>Ov 6
:inoremap <Esc>Ow 7
:inoremap <Esc>Ox 8
:inoremap <Esc>Oy 9
:inoremap <Esc>Op 0
:inoremap <Esc>On .
:inoremap <Esc>OQ /
:inoremap <Esc>OR *
:inoremap <Esc>Ol +
:inoremap <Esc>OS -
:inoremap <Esc>OM <Enter>
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    The fundamental question is: why does Vim enable Keypad Application Mode without mapping the resulting function-key input to something? (Either digit input or the typical cursor movement and scrolling keys.) Why do all these terminal emulators have to have a way to ignore the enable-KAM command?
    – Chris Page
    Mar 18, 2021 at 0:07

SecureCRT, Options> Session Options> Terminal> Emulation>Modes>

Initial Modes and Current Modes sections, select Numeric keypad.

I found my Current modes was set to Application keypad when I wanted Numeric keypad to be default.

  • Welcome to Vi and Vim! It would improve this answer to edit and explain what terminal this concerns and what the difference between "Application keypad" and "Numeric keypad" is.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Aug 9, 2022 at 18:25

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