Two questions related to the DelimitMate plugin here:

  1. How can I modify the set of auto-generated left and right delimiters? For example, in LaTeX it would be convenient to have $ as left-right delimiters, and if possible somehow, \[ and \] (even though this includes the brackets, which the plugin seems to detect independent of the escape).

  2. Is there any way to map some insert-mode keystroke to "move to the right" of the most recently generated right-delimeter? That would make editing certain types of files a lot easier. Something like inoremap <C-l> <move to end of automatically-generated delimiter>.

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  1. Look into the delimitMate_quotes variable. The following line in your vimrc should take care of the $ sign delimiter.

    au FileType tex let b:delimitMate_quotes = "\" ' $"

Not sure how you would go about setting a delimiter for \[.

  1. Checkout some of the answers to this question.
  • Thanks! Do you know any way to modify unlike pairs as well? Weirdly, I found if I try to change &matchpairs with set matchpairs="(:),{:},[:],<:>", the plugin completely breaks/stops working.
    – Luke Davis
    Commented Feb 24, 2017 at 22:49
  • Yes. Use the delimitMate_matchpairs variable. The line you are looking for is let delimitMate_matchpairs = "(:),{:},[:],<:>". I thought that this variable could perhaps be used to set \[ as a delimiter as your question mentions, but it doesn't seem like it is able to accept a multi-character delimiter. See the delimitMate doc for more info on this variable. Commented Feb 25, 2017 at 1:47
  • I've edited my answer to try and address your second question as well. Commented Feb 25, 2017 at 2:11

For anyone reading this, I figured out that to move "outside" a set of (), [], or {} can be accomplished with

inoremap ;; <Esc>l%%a

where I choose to use a double-semicolon, because I find in day-to-day typing that I never use the semicolon unless followed by a space, and its in a really convenient location. Also, while you can't really make arbitrary, multiple-character delimiters work inside of DelimitMate, you can make simple remaps for adding them; an example is my series of maps for bolding text in TeX documents:

au FileType tex inoremap <buffer> ;t \textbf{}<Left>
au FileType tex nnoremap <buffer> ;t mAlbi\textbf{<Esc>ea}<Esc>`A
au FileType tex vnoremap <buffer> ;t mA<Esc>`>a}<Esc>`<i\textbf{<Esc>`AF\

which bolds the current word, current selection, or just adds a \textbf{} during insert mode and puts the cursor inside the curly braces. The <buffer> makes the above maps local to the file being edited, so they won't be carried over e.g. if you are working on a .py file in another tab.

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