I have the following in my .vimrc file:

if has('persistent_undo')
    " Save all undo files in a single location (less messy, more risky)...
    set undodir=$HOME/.VIM_UNDO_FILES

    " Save a lot of back-history...
    set undolevels=5000

    " Actually switch on persistent undo
    set undofile


I've created the .VIM_UNDO_FILES in my home directory and have verified VIM has persistent_undo compiled in. Yet, when I close out a vim file and reopen, I cannot undo anything I did before the file was closed. Maybe I misunderstand how this is supposed to work.

I tried commenting out the if/endif and that didn't help. I also tried changing $HOME to ~. that did not work either.

Also, the .VIM_UNDO_FILES file size never grows. It's stuck at 0.

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OK, I'm a dummy. I needed to create .VIM_UNDO_FILES as a dir not a file.

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