I like the behavior of smartcase while searching, and I like Vim's auto-completion options, but I don't like them together. Is there any way to keep smartcase enabled, but have auto-completion results (<C-n>, <C-p>, and all <C-x> prefixed keys) always be completely case sensitive? Maybe some clever remap?



I created a plugin named vim-idetools that implements this feature along with a bunch of related refactoring tools. Feel free to try it out.

Original answer:

Well, I figured out a way to do this. Just put this in your .vimrc

set smartcase
au InsertEnter * set noignorecase
au InsertLeave * set ignorecase

Now, when the popup menu opens up, noignorecase will be turned on and only case-sensitive completions will be listed. Don't know why I hadn't thought of this! Note smartcase only works when ignorecase turned on by overriding case-insensitivity whenever a capital letter is included in the search string.

On a somewhat related note, I also have in my .vimrc the lines

nnoremap <silent>  * :let @/='\C\<' . expand('<cword>') . '\>'<CR>:let v:searchforward=1<CR>n
nnoremap <silent>  # :let @/='\C\<' . expand('<cword>') . '\>'<CR>:let v:searchforward=0<CR>n
nnoremap <silent> g* :let @/='\C'   . expand('<cword>')       <CR>:let v:searchforward=1<CR>n
nnoremap <silent> g# :let @/='\C'   . expand('<cword>')       <CR>:let v:searchforward=0<CR>n

which make "*" or "#" searches for the word under the cursor case-sensitive, whether or not ignorecase is on. This was from this vi stackexchange thread.

The reasoning behind this setup is that I often use / and ? searches to quickly navigate through a file (easier to do if they are case insensitive), while I use * and # to perform word or WORD replacements with ciw and the popup menu to complete case-sensitive variable names.

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