Archlinux, termite -> tmux -> neovim

I want to open ranger in new pane, and when it ended and pane was closed - open selected file/files. This flow is similar to Tim Pope`s dispatch behavior

" inspired by francoiscabrol plugin
function! OpenRanger(dir)
  let currentPath = expand(a:dir)
  let tmp_file_path = tempname()
  exec 'silent !tmux splitw ranger --choosefiles=' . shellescape(tmp_file_path) . ' ' .currentPath
  call system('notify-send "exec is ended"') " debug string, was fired
  if filereadable(tmp_file_path)
    call system('notify-send "tmpfile was readable"') " debug string, wasnt fired
    for f in readfile(tmp_file_path)
      exec 'edit '. f
    call delete(tmp_file_path)

nnoremap <leader>f :call OpenRanger('%:p:h')<CR>
nnoremap <leader>F :call OpenRanger('')<CR>

How can I force to execute if filereadable(tmp_file_path) after pane was closed (on neovim, which have issues with that )?

This don't work either

function! OpenRanger(dir)
  let currentPath = expand(a:dir)
  let tmp_file_path = tempname()
  let rangerCallback = { 'name': 'ranger' , 'tmp_file_path': tmp_file_path}
  function! rangerCallback.on_exit(id, code)
    call system('notify-send callback') " was fired before I close ranger
    " bdelete!
    if filereadable(self.tmp_file_path)
      for f in readfile(self.tmp_file_path)
        exec 'edit '. f
      call delete(self.tmp_file_path)
  call termopen('tmux splitw ranger --choosefiles=' . shellescape(tmp_file_path) . ' ' . currentPath, rangerCallback)


run ranger using tmux

call te#tmux#run_command('ranger',0x01)
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    you should explain how your plugin achieves it – Christian Brabandt Sep 14 '17 at 6:46
  • This is just a vim function.You can copy it to your own vimrc, change its name.In this function, It just calls tmux with property argument using system function in vim. – tracyone Sep 14 '17 at 8:49
  • I know what a function is. I want to know, what exactly the function does. E.g. what are the exact tmux commands it will be executing? – Christian Brabandt Sep 14 '17 at 9:38

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