I opened up a document from 2015 I saved using the built in crypto in vim (:X). That was saves using blowfish at the time.

The message I got now (2017) was this:

Warning: Using a weak encryption method; see :help 'cm'
Enter encryption key: *********************************************
Enter same key again: *********************************************

That was weird, I thought, but I assumed it had to do with some flaw, and after reading up on the crypto methods I set cryptomethod=blowfish2. This works after opening it, showing cryptomethod as blowfish 2. The problem is that I still get the message about using weak encryption! Why? Are there remnants of the old blowfish1 crypto signature? Do I have to export the text and resave it in order to fix it?

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    Try to encrypt it again with blowfish2 (that only works, if all your vim versions are new enough) Feb 10, 2017 at 19:19

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The cryptmethod is stored in the file itself, and isn't automatically updated.

You can see this with less:

$ less a

VimCrypt~01! is cm=zip, VimCrypt~02! is cm=blowfish, and I think you can deduce what VimCrypt~03! stands for :-)

To upgrade a file, open it, explicitly set cm=blowfish2, and write it:

$ vim a
Need encryption key for "a"
Warning: Using a weak encryption method; see :help 'cm'
Enter encryption key: [enter-key]

:set cm?
:set cm=blowfish2
"a" [blowfish2] 1L, 3C written

$ less a
a lines 1-1/1 (END)

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