I want Vim's sign column displayed to the right side of the line number column, I have it by default on the left.

Here is a screenshot showing the sign column enabled and showing a + to indicate a line added (I use the vim-gitgutter plugin)


Here's what I am after (photoshopped):


(how) Can this be done?


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As stated by Christian in his comment, this is unfortunately impossible.
However, from patch 8.1.1564, there's an option that could solve this problem.

We can merge the signcolumn and the line numbers.

:set signcolumn=number

From the help (:h 'signcolumn'):

'signcolumn' 'scl'    string  (default "auto")
     {not available when compiled without the |+signs| feature}
     Whether or not to draw the signcolumn. Valid values are:
         "auto"       only when there is a sign to display
         "no"         never
         "yes"        always
         "number"     display signs in the 'number' column. If the number
                      column is not present, then behaves like "auto".

This is what it could look like:



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