Is there a way to set Negate in the substitution command? In other words how to substitute any character except | to - and all | to +. Example:

| some text | other text |



Is there a shortest way than :s/[^|]/-/g | s/|/+/g ?

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You can use the replace special substitution:

:s/./\= submatch(0) == '|' ? '+' : '-'/g

Here \= says to use the following expression to use as the result string.

And it's checking for submatch(0) (the char matched by the /./ pattern) and do a condition on that.

Have a look at:

  • :h sub-replace-special
  • :h submatch()

As an alternative you can use the system's tr program:

:.!tr '| -z' '+-'

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