To make functions local, you prefix it with 's:'. But then it can't be called with mappings. Given this function:

function! ScriptFunction()

What convention or keywords do I add to precent name conflicts while still allowing the user to add a mapping?

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In mappings, script-local functions are called with <sid> instead of s:.

But as indirectly suggested in the other answer, you'd better have the mapping in a plugin and the function in an autoload plugin. It's much better for starting times.

BTW, There is an extensive documentation in 2 parts about mappings on vim.wikia.com


One way is to make a command. I did that in my plugin like so:

execute "command! -buffer -nargs=0 PikeDocOpen :call pikedoc#open()"

You can also use a prefix for the function name (i.e. your plugin name):

function! FOO_ScriptFunction()

But I think that in both cases prefix is a way to go.

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