Currently I have this binding to copy current file name, path, or dir.

" Copy current buffer path relative to root of VIM session to system clipboard
nnoremap <Leader>yp :let @*=expand("%")<cr>:echo "Copied file path to clipboard"<cr>
" Copy current filename to system clipboard
nnoremap <Leader>yf :let @*=expand("%:t")<cr>:echo "Copied file name to clipboard"<cr>
" Copy current buffer path without filename to system clipboard
nnoremap <Leader>yd :let @*=expand("%:h")<cr>:echo "Copied file directory to clipboard"<cr>

I want to create binding to copy current php file class name with or without namespace.

Suppose I have php file like this:


namespace CRMFoundation\Infrastructures\Contracts;

interface PersistenceStorageRepositoryInterface

This would should give me PersistenceStorageRepositoryInterface as classname and CRMFoundation\Infrastructures\Contracts\PersistenceStorageRepositoryInterface with namespace.


namespace CRMFoundation\Infrastructures;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\SoftDeletes;
use CRMFoundation\Infrastructures\Traits\SyncHasManyTrait;

abstract class EloquentAbstract extends Model

This would should give me EloquentAbstract as classname and CRMFoundation\Infrastructures\EloquentAbstract with namespace.


namespace CRMFoundation\Domains\Company;

use CRMFoundation\Domains\Company\Contracts\CompanyRepositoryInterface;
use CRMFoundation\Infrastructures\Company\Contracts\PersistenceCompanyRepositoryInterface;
use CRMFoundation\Domains\Company\Contracts\CompanyInterface;
use CRMFoundation\Domains\RepositoryAbstract;

class CompanyRepository extends RepositoryAbstract implements CompanyRepositoryInterface

This would should give me CompanyRepository as classname and CRMFoundation\Domains\Company\CompanyRepository with namespace.

Let say I want to bind it to <leader>yc to get current class name and <leader>ycn to get current class name with namespace.

How to do that?

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Here's a start, it's definitely not perfect but should gives you enough to increment on

function! GetNamespaceAndClassFn()
  " Save some registers
  let l:r_a = @a
  let l:r_b = @b

  " Start at the top of the file
  " Search for the first "namespace" occurence
  " Get the namespace string into the regsiter a
  normal! f l"ayt;

  " Search for the class definition
  " Get the class string into the regsiter b
  normal! f l"bye

  " Print the result
  echo @a . '\' . @b

  " Restore registers
  let @a = l:r_a
  let @b = l:r_b

command! GetNamespaceAndClass call GetNamespaceAndClassFn()

I've commented the code, but feel free to ask if you want more info.

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