Is there a way to use a vimscript function to pass arguments to an external command?

I have the following:

function! GetJobLines(argA)

    " 1. Create a new buffer for the output

    " 2. Change directory to location of said script
    cd /home/leeand00/src

    " 3. Run said script with argument (not really but for example)
    read!echo a:argA

I've also tried:

read!"echo" . a:argA

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The usual way to incorporate the value of a variable into an Ex command is to use the :execute command, which concatenates its arguments into a string, then executes that string, like this:

:execute "read!echo" a:argA

or even better, like this, which includes the use of shellescape() to make sure that the characters of a:argA are properly quoted for use by the shell:

:execute "read!echo" shellescape(a:argA)


:help :execute
:help shellescape()

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