I'm using the vimwiki plugin and trying to figure out tagging with vimwiki-syntax-tags.

I can add a tag :tag-example: to a vimwiki .wiki file.

I can search :VimwikiSearchTags tag-example and it will find the tag properly.

If there are two instances of this tag, the search returns the first instance and displays (1 of 2): :tag-example:

Does anyone know how to go to the next tag instance found by the search?

Any other suggestions related to tagging / vimwiki would be appreciated as well.



The results from :VimwikiSearchTags are populated in the location-list window, so you can navigate using :lnext and :lprevious, or you can check all the results using :lopen.

To be honest, despite I have been using Vimwiki for several years, I didn't know about the tags. Maybe it is because my wikis are not that large (~2 MB at most), but I find it easier to simple :grep (or :Ack) everything, which is quite fast, instead of writing the tags in advance.

  • Be warned that the first time using VimwikiSearchTags may take a long while. I have been using Vimwiki since 2014, and have just discovered the tag syntax :) Sorting through my 2K+ notes should take a good number of minutes. – llinfeng Jan 14 at 16:07

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