In reading other's .vimrc, I find many percent signs. For instance in the portion concerning the status line, I know %F%m%r%h must stands for something like the current filename being edited. But because Google does not take special characters as literal, nor allow us to escape them, I find it very difficult to search for the exact meaning of theirs. I don't know the official name of this class of variables, so neither do I know how to ask help. Can you list for me a table of all percent-prefixed variables? If I get a list, I can play with them myself.

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If it is from statusline, then :h statusline is what you need. Vim has help for every single variable that you can set in .vimrc (at least the ones that come with pure Vim, plugins usually also have good docs), thus :h <variable name> should be your friend.

This is from :h statusline:

F S   Full path to the file in the buffer.
m F   Modified flag, text is "[+]"; "[-]" if 'modifiable' is off.
r F   Readonly flag, text is "[RO]".
h F   Help buffer flag, text is "[help]".

There are a lot more flags for status line in the doc.

  • Oh, you are right. Previously I typed :h %F and so on, but no use. Commented Dec 28, 2016 at 6:22

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