I have a Python project where there are lots of functions with the same name in different files. Some symbols are reasonably unique and C-] will jump to the right definition. However, others are very common. Right now I look at the word and if it's something generic like upload I hit g] to be prompted for a list of possible definition sites. Is there a way to get the number of possible ctag matches for the word currently under the cursor so I can make C-] do g] when the symbol is ambiguous?

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g<C-]> will display a list of tags only when there is more than one, so you could just train yourself to type g<C-]> instead of <C-]>. But having to type two characters instead of one, especially when one takes a modifier, is a pain, so what I would do is put this mapping in your ~/.vimrc:

:nnoremap <C-]> g<C-]>

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