I have an SQL file that I have to work on from the command line.

-- Query 1
select 1;
-- Query 2
select *
from metadata;

I've marked line 4 as a (4Gma) and line 5 as b (5Gmb), then execute :'a,'b w !mysql -u root db \| less to view the contents. I've mapped this snippet to F5 so that I can simply reset marks a and b and press F5 to see the result. This works fine.

What I want to do now is insert the results of the query into the document, much like what :r !cmd provides. I know I can replace %s in r !cmd, but %s is replaced with the filename, and I only want to execute the SQL query in the current range.

Is this possible, and if so, how?

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There is a :h range! which I think will do the trick here.

:'a,'b!mysql -u root db

I tested it with sed on file with content:


Vim commands:

:'a,'b!sed -n '/1/p'



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