I need to re-factor a line with a repeated pattern in a way to apply some math over numbers. For e.g. let's assume the following line of code:

testpoints = [Point(1,2), Point(1,1), Point(1,2), Point(0,2), Point(2,2), Point(3,3), Point(1,3), Point(1,4), Point(2,3), Point(2,0), Point(2,1),]

and some function should be applied to all matches for e.g. (x, y) -> (x*10, y*10).

testpoints = [Point(10,20), Point(10,10), Point(10,20), Point(0,20), Point(20,20), Point(30,30), Point(10,30), Point(10,40), Point(20,30), Point(20,0), Point(20,10),]

The obvious solution is to add '*10' after both arguments:


But, probably it will be better to do the math in the VIM. I tried with :g but with no success:

:g/(\s*\d\+\s*,/normal 10<cr>af,w10<cr>a

The idea was to find the proper ( and then to do 10 Ctrl+A , then move to next number with w and again to increment ten times ...

Let me wrap up:

  1. Is possible to be done this with :g command ?
  2. Is there another more vim-native way for such substitution with math?

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See sub-replace-expression and :help submatch():


FWIW, the :global command is completely unrelated to the problem at hand.

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