When I set makeprg using:

set makeprg=gcc\ -Wall\ -g\ %\ -o\ %

and then invoke :make Vim does not pass proper filenames, because this command is translated as:

gcc -Wall -g file.c -o file.c

and executed. The compiler is then complaining that input and output files are the same, which is in fact dangerous. My question is how to change the second % in makeprg to have it without .c extension. The command exectuted should be like this:

gcc -Wall -g file.c -o file

I don't know what to put instead the second %.

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Unless you're using a non-properly configured version of gnumake (Solaris OS, or mingw distribution of gcc under windows), you don't need to modify &makeprg. Its default value is already perfect for GNU compilation tools.

All you need to do is to set $CFLAGS with :let $CFLAGS="-g -Wall", and compile with :make %<.


You can modify what is being expanded using so called filename modifiers. See the help at :h filename-modifiers (link).

In your case you can e.g. use :set makeprg=gcc\ -Wall\ -g\ %\ -o\ %<

See also the faq

  • Thank you, this is a wonderful answer and it solves my problem PERFECTLY!
    – piotao
    Nov 11, 2016 at 20:39

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