My goal is to make a mapping, that depending on the value of type in the yaml header, will run a command sourcing a file named the same as the value of type.

I have file containing a yaml header like

opt1: test
opt2: something else
type: mytemplate

and I've made a mapping

nnoremap <leader>mp :w!<cr>:exe "!command --template=/home/.../{}.ext -o " . fnameescape(expand('%:p:r')) . ".ext " . fnameescape(expand('%:p'))<cr>

and the characters {} should be replaced with the value of type I have succeeded in making a bashcript, that will get the value like this

TYPE=$(egrep 'type:' filename.ext | awk -F 'type: ' '{print $2}')
command --template=/home/.../$TYPE.ext $@

But I'd like to do it purely in vim. I've tried using vim-grep, and got

:vimgrep 'type: ' % | %s=^\(type:\s\)\zs.*=

but this is a substitution, and can't be used in the mapping. Any help would be gratefully appreciated :-)


What about using a function to do so?

function! SourceByType()
    " save position
    let savePosition = getpos('.')

    " Get the line containing the type
    normal! gg
    let line = search('^type: .*\n---', 'W') 

    " no type found: abort
    if (line == 0)
        echo "no type found"
        return 1

    " Get the type
    let type = matchlist(getline(line), 'type: \(.*\)')[1]

    " Execute the commands
    execute ':w!'
    execute '!command --template=/home/.../'. type . '.ext -o ' . fnameescape(expand('%:p:r')) . '.ext ' . fnameescape(expand('%:p'))

    " restore position
    call setpos('.', savePosition)

And a mapping calling the function:

nnoremap <leader>mp :call SourceByType()<CR>

What the function does:

  • Saves the position of the cursor
  • Goes to the top of the file
  • Searches for a line containing type: something followed by a line containing ---
  • If no line was found, stop the execution
  • Matches the something in type: something
  • Executes your commands replacing {} by the type found.
  • This works great, but what does the line let line = search('^type: .*\n---', 'W') do? – martinmch Nov 4 '16 at 9:21
  • See :h search(): I get the number of the line matching the pattern ^type: .*\n--- which means a line containing type: followed by any number of characters .* followed by a new line \n containing ---. This allows me to then get the content of the line and match the type with let type = matchlist(getline(line), 'type: \(.*\)')[1] (I had to edit this line because of a typo. – statox Nov 4 '16 at 9:25
  • Could \n--- be substituted for $, so type: doesn't have to be the final yaml option? – martinmch Nov 4 '16 at 9:30
  • @martinmch Absolutely it should work properly. – statox Nov 4 '16 at 9:31

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