How can I change vim's spell checking, so that it does not mark words with capital letters, which were previously unknown to vim, but were added to a custom dictionary in lower case form, at the beginning of a phrase, where they suddenly have a capital letter as first letter, as wrong in general?

I know it does this for known words already, but I added a custom word:


I added it using the visual mode and selecting the whole word and then pressing zg to my custom file ~/.vim/spell/custom.utf-8.add.

In the next phrase there is the same word, but at the beginning of the phrase:


Phrases are separated by . and a space in my document. Although the non-capitalized version is already known to vim and not marked as wrong anymore, this one is still marked as wrong. To be precise, the first part before the - is marked as wrong. However, I cannot simply add it like the other version of the word, because I don't want to allow it to have capital L where ever it stands. The capitalized version should only be correct at the beginning of phrases, because it is an adjective and we don't give adjectives a capital letter at the beginning, except at the beginning of a phrase.

Return value of :verbose set spellcapcheck:

spellcapcheck=[.?!]\_[\])'"^I ]\+
  • What does :verbose set spellcapcheck return? – ryuichiro Oct 30 '16 at 18:15
  • @ryuichiro updated post – Zelphir Kaltstahl Oct 31 '16 at 8:54

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