I want to change the characters, spell checking considers to being separating words.

I already have the following line in my ~/.vimrc file, which makes w and b recognize words with a - in between as one word:

 autocmd BufEnter,BufNewFile,TabEnter *.md set iskeyword=38,42,43,45,47-57,60-62,_,@

According to ASCII the 45 is the - character. However, spell checking seems to use another list of characters. When I write something like:


I want it to be considered one word only, so that I may add this word to my word list as a correct word, instead of one of the parts abc or def being marked as a spelling mistake.

Is this possible? If it is, how?

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Looks like you can't do this, see :h spell.txt (emphasis mine):


Vim uses a fixed method to recognize a word. This is independent of 'iskeyword', so that it also works in help files and for languages that include characters like '-' in 'iskeyword'. The word characters do depend on 'encoding'.

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    Seems you're right, the second paragraph is also important: > The table with word characters is stored in the main .spl file. Therefore it matters what the current locale is when generating it! A .add.spl file does not contain a word table though. So one cannot change it in a self created extra file either it seems. I guess I could change the original German spl file. Commented Nov 2, 2016 at 20:08

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