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How can I specify a command-line command with options as an equalprg?

I am trying to set up the Node.js version of js-beautify as an equalprg command when I am editing a JavaScript file, so that the Vim = indent commands reflow my JavaScript at the same time.

Initially, I tried this:

autocmd FileType javascript setlocal equalprg=js-beautify -f -

(the -f - is necessary because js-beautify otherwise doesn't read from stdin).

However, that fails with an error like this when I open a JavaScript file:

Error detected while processing FileType Auto commands for "javascript":
E518: Unknown option: -f

So then I tried adding surrounding quotes:

autocmd FileType javascript setlocal equalprg="js-beautify -f -"

That seems to work (JavaScript files open without error), but then 1G=G (or any other = command) seems to work in exactly the same way as the standard vim behaviour, and it appears it's not set up correctly - if I type :set equalprg, I see:


If I remove the -f -, the equalprg is set, but it doesn't work, because js-beautify tries to read from a file:

Must define at least one file.
Run `js-beautify -h` for help.

How can pass these command-line options into js-beautify as part of setting equalprg?

Note I am aware that I could use the js-beautify vim plugin, but I'm trying not to overwhelm my vim setup with plugins, and instead setup the standard vim = keymapping.