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Aug 2 '21 at 17:00 comment added joharr Why won't vim recognise a plugin command in the vimrc, but it will recognise it when running?
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Jul 22 '21 at 23:45 comment added B Layer @joharr "Nope"? I was just referring to the nnoremap gT mapping in your question which absolutely won't get any mapped keys within. A mapping that uses :normal (without !) is a totally different situation.
Jul 22 '21 at 7:32 comment added joharr @MaximKim, nope, I tried that, among other ideas with no luck.
Jul 22 '21 at 7:31 comment added joharr @BLayer, nope, the mapping I'm now using is nnoremap <buffer> gT :normal gAip*&<CR> successfully over-mapping default gT.
Jul 20 '21 at 14:59 comment added D. Ben Knoble You probably just have to add the full normal-sequence: normal! vip:EasyAlign *&<CR>
Jul 20 '21 at 11:18 comment added Maxim Kim The issue might be in EasyAlign and a range that is in effect when you select a paragraph. Try '<,'>EasyAlign *& in your function instead.
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Jul 20 '21 at 10:50 comment added B Layer The reason the mapping doesn't call EasyAlign is because you're using nnoremap which ignores existing mappings. Try nmap. This is one of those not-too-common cases where you actually don't want the "noremap" variation.
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