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Top new questions this week:

Search and Replace on odd/even numbered lines using g

I was looking for ways to search and replace on even/odd numbered lines in vim and I came across some solution on google groups To search and ...

search replace search-replace  
asked by Ramanjaneyulu Gudipati 3 votes
answered by Quasímodo 3 votes

Prevent jumping when pattern matching

Is there a way to prevent cursor to search forward when using the * or /? I just want to highlight the word I am on & others, but not move to forward nor backward.

search jump pattern  
asked by ogirginc 2 votes
answered by Biggybi 1 vote

vim doesnt recognize html in string in filetype php. same thing with php code in filetype html

Ive had no luck solving these issues for quite a while now. Problem1 When writing HTML inside a string in a file with filetype=php, the HTML is not recognized (i.e., it has no highlighting or indent). ...

syntax-highlighting indentation filetype-html filetype-php  
asked by raincouver 1 vote

What does "any scanf non-assignable conversion" mean?

:help errorformat lists the basic items supported in 'errorformat' and one of them is: %*{conv} any scanf non-assignable conversion What does that mean and how can I use it? The fscanf ...

asked by idbrii 1 vote
answered by Mass 4 votes

Remapping Ctrl+backspace in insert mode to delete one word back

I want to bind Control+Backspace in insert mode to delete a word. I'm able to bind Control+Del in both insert and normal modes, but I can only seem to bind Control+Del in normal mode. I've checked ...

vimrc terminal linux  
asked by Elvin 1 vote

How to change the color of the vim ruler?

was hoping someone could help me in changing the color of the ruler in vim? Specifically, the opacity as I'm trying to make it match the rest of my vim opacity, but can't seem to pinpoint where ...

vimrc colorscheme ruler  
asked by just a guy in vim 1 vote
answered by Mass 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to jump between matching HTML/XML tags?

How to jump between matching tags (such as <div>, <span>, etc.) when editing HTML/XHTML/XML documents similarly as % is used to jump between matching parentheses?

cursor-movement delimiter-matching filetype-xml filetype-html  
asked by kenorb 64 votes
answered by Tom 57 votes

How do I open and close NERDTree (toggle NERDTree view) using a single keystroke?

Sometimes in my workflow, I might want to open or search for a file on the go. I'd like to map a single key (say F6) to open and close NERDTree (i.e., I want to toggle the NERDTree view). Also, I'd ...

asked by evil_potato 37 votes
answered by Atropo 41 votes

What are the .viminfo and .netrwhist files?

I was wondering what's the purpose of .viminfo and .netrwhist files?

asked by Luis Veliz 16 votes
answered by nobe4 14 votes

Why is using arrow keys in normal mode considered bad practice?

I have read it in many articles (e.g.) that it's a bad practice to use arrow keys in normal mode. Could somebody explain why is it considered a wrong practice, if at all?

key-bindings cursor-movement  
asked by Ankit Jain 45 votes
answered by statox 71 votes

How can I find out what <Leader> is set to? And is it possible to remap <Leader>?

How can I figure out which key is set as my <Leader>, and how do I remap it?

asked by krampstudio 86 votes
answered by OrangeTux 88 votes

How do I stop recording while in command line?

When I am recording a macro with q and I am done, I can type: q to stop recording if I am in normal or visual mode. <c-o>q to stop recording if I am in insert mode. .. How do I stop recording ...

command-line register macro  
asked by iago-lito 32 votes
answered by fflorent 21 votes

How can I work with splits in Vim without Ctrl-W?

My terminal doesn't allow me to type Ctrl+W, because that's a shortcut for closing a terminal tab. I like working with splits, but I can't find any way to do so without using C-W. This forced me to ...

key-bindings vim-windows split  
asked by Mateon1 37 votes
answered by Martin Tournoij 36 votes
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