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Top new questions this week:

Code-review: persistent tag-stack display

I wrote a bit of code for a friend who's dealing with large C code-bases and using cscope/ctags to navigate around. He was hoping to get a persistent display of the tagstack; here's what I've whipped ...

asked by D. Ben Knoble 4 votes
answered by Mass 2 votes

Prevent cycling / wrapping to first buffer after last

I have opened multiple buffers and I cycle between them using :bn and :bp. How can I prevent vim from cycling to the first buffer when using :bn on the last buffer / cycling to the last buffer when ...

asked by user2167618 2 votes
answered by Andrew Ho-Lee 2 votes

NeoVim : Can we "insert literally" every ASCII symbol with `<c-v>` ? (including delete `^?` )

In insert or command mode, the printable ASCII chars, like a can be insert with just a (we don't need <c-v> for those ones, but most of them will still work with <c-v>letter ). If I type, ...

neovim insert-mode control-character ascii  
asked by ewen-goisot 1 vote

Is it possible to close all files with content that matches a regular expression on Vim?

Let's say I have opened many files on Vim with vim file1 file2 file3... And their content is like the following: file1: random content random content stringThatMatchesRegex random content file2: ...

regular-expression file  
asked by raylight 1 vote
answered by Peter Rincker 2 votes

Using vim-vinegar or trying to use :e . will crash nvim

I have recently transitioned from vim8.X to nvim0.4.4 and so far I've been extremely impressed with the development experience. One feature I'm really missing is using vim-vinegar to exit the current ...

neovim netrw  
asked by Alex 1 vote
answered by Alex 1 vote

Ctrl-o u in insert mode blocks for a few seconds

If I press ctrl-o u while in insert mode, vim (correctly) does an undo and then the status bar changes to something like 1 change; before #x yy seconds ago and stays so for about two seconds, unless ...

asked by RiHL 1 vote

Limit `:bufdo` to only visible/active buffers

Working on a larger project, I tend to switch from topic to topic using git. Some times I want to run a command on all the buffers that are related to the topic at hand. I can do a :bufdo, but this ...

asked by clem steredenn 1 vote
answered by B Layer 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is `softtabstop` used for?

I've been aware of these tab related settings in Vim: ts sw expandtab smarttab sts My normal setting is set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab smarttab. But according to sts documentation, if expandtab is not ...

vimrc tab-characters  
asked by KFL 27 votes
answered by Lithis 23 votes

How can I work with splits in Vim without Ctrl-W?

My terminal doesn't allow me to type Ctrl+W, because that's a shortcut for closing a terminal tab. I like working with splits, but I can't find any way to do so without using C-W. This forced me to ...

key-bindings vim-windows split  
asked by Mateon1 34 votes
answered by Martin Tournoij 33 votes

How to enable +python feature in vim

I want to install a vim plugin, this plugin needs a +python feature, so when I open vim and type :version it displays -python. How can I make it enable?. Thanks.

asked by Enrique GF 33 votes
answered by akshay 26 votes

How can I get vim to stop putting comments in front of new lines?

I'm editing my .vimrc file, and I am including comments. When I have a comment like this: " example comment And then hit enter at the end of the line after finishing the comment, the next line is ...

formatting comments  
asked by Greg 58 votes
answered by Martin Tournoij 74 votes

How can I find out what <Leader> is set to? And is it possible to remap <Leader>?

How can I figure out which key is set as my <Leader>, and how do I remap it?

asked by krampstudio 81 votes
answered by OrangeTux 82 votes

How to jump between matching HTML/XML tags?

How to jump between matching tags (such as <div>, <span>, etc.) when editing HTML/XHTML/XML documents similarly as % is used to jump between matching parentheses?

cursor-movement delimiter-matching filetype-xml filetype-html  
asked by kenorb 58 votes
answered by Tom 53 votes

How to add indentation guides/lines

In Sublime Text 2, you get vertical guides where your indentation is, like this: but in vim I obviously don't: Is there a way to show lines like that in vim? By the way, my indentation is 2 spaces. ...

indentation alignment colorscheme  
asked by aharris88 59 votes
answered by John O'M. 49 votes
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