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Top new questions this week:

job_start() command only works with seemingly random job options

I am getting some unexpected behavior when trying to run the zip shell command using Vim's job_start(). As an example, suppose I have two images (im1.png and im2.jpg) in the directory ...

external-command job-control  
asked by wxyz 5 votes
answered by wxyz 5 votes

ctermbg and ctermfg are backwards or incorrect for certain highlighting groups

I am currently attempting to create a custom colorscheme for vim by using ctermfg and ctermbg values, and checking what the colorscheme looks like with the highlight test file provided by Vim. What I ...

terminal colorscheme statusline color  
asked by Dmitry S. 3 votes
answered by filbranden 2 votes

Do not delay mapped keys with common prefix

What I want to do is have two mappings. One mapped to <s-k>, and one mapped to <s-k><s-k>. What happens right now is that if I press <s-k> vim delays for timeoutlenms, and if ...

vimrc key-bindings vimscript  
asked by Max Coplan 2 votes
answered by Rich 3 votes

Syntax region only if at top of file

I have a syntax I'm trying do make. It's yaml embedded in markdown for use with Hugo. The yaml region is enclosed by --- and this must be at the top of the file. --- [yaml front matter stuff] . . . ...

asked by James Wright 2 votes
answered by Rich 4 votes

How can I use a plugin mapping in my own mapping?

I often repeat the following commands when I edit code: yy - yank the line gcc - comment out the line (so that I can visually see all the changes later) p - paste back the copied version what I will ...

key-bindings plugin-vim-commentary  
asked by Horror Vacui 2 votes
answered by Maxim Kim 4 votes

How to override ftplugin set commands in Neovim

One thing I hate about a lot of the default Vim plugins is that they add o to formatoptions. I Vim I would get around this by using au FileType * set formatoptions-=o in my vimrc, but for some reason ...

vimrc neovim autocmd neovim-qt  
asked by Mason 1 vote

Can I make left Alt act the same as shift key using key map?

So I would like to swap my left shift key with my left alt key, and I would like to know if it’s possible to achieve with vim key mapping? Maybe not swapping but copy the whole shift key map to alt?

vimrc key-bindings keyboard-layout  
asked by Andrew.Wolphoe 1 vote
answered by Ed Grimm 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I integrate gdb with Vim?

Instead of gdbtui or ctrl+x under gdb which shows source code on top of the screen I would like to see this in my Vim editor that would jump between tabs, and buffers accordingly. How can I do this?

external-command ide  
asked by name 55 votes
answered by viccuad 35 votes

How to jump between matching HTML/XML tags?

How to jump between matching tags (such as <div>, <span>, etc.) when editing HTML/XHTML/XML documents similarly as % is used to jump between matching parentheses?

cursor-movement delimiter-matching filetype-xml filetype-html  
asked by kenorb 46 votes
answered by Tom 45 votes

How can I see the full path of the current file?

When I'm editing a file in Vim, is there a command to see the path of the current file? Sometimes this is very handy if there are multiple files with the same name in a project.

asked by thameera 131 votes
answered by thameera 151 votes

Show only matching lines?

In a long file, I would like to search for a pattern that will match roughly 200 lines or so. The matched lines are in random places in the file. When a line matches, only the line itself is relevant, ...

asked by Volker Siegel 34 votes
answered by Zach Ingbretsen 37 votes

What is the difference between the vim plugin managers?

I have been looking at the different package managers for vim and the one I decided to use vim-plug but I have seen others like pathogen and vundle and I honestly don't know what the difference is. ...

asked by ZucchiniZe 210 votes
answered by gjg 151 votes

How can I rename the file I'm editing?

Is it possible to rename the file I'm editing from within Vim? Currently what I do is exit Vim, rename the file and open from Vim again.

save file-operations  
asked by thameera 42 votes
answered by OrangeTux 41 votes

How do I stop recording while in command line?

When I am recording a macro with q and I am done, I can type: q to stop recording if I am in normal or visual mode. <c-o>q to stop recording if I am in insert mode. .. How do I stop recording ...

command-line register macro  
asked by iago-lito 20 votes
answered by fflorent 13 votes

Can you answer this question?

How do I prevent Vim from showing my terminal when executing an external command?

I'm running a long, blocking command using execute in Vim as part of a script. Vim shows the underlying terminal while executing the command, which is pretty distracting. function! DoSomething(query) ...

terminal external-command  
asked by Martín Fixman 1 vote
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