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Top new questions this week:

syntax coloring does not work for flex file

I'm using nord theme, it works normally with other kind of files but not flex file I have syntax on and filetype on I tried switching colorthing from gruvbox to nord but it still behaving the same. ...

user avatar asked by Danh Le Score of 2
user avatar answered by romainl Score of 1

Restore auto-loaded file that was lost by accidently undoing edits

I accidentally removed about 1 hour of my work, how to restore? Last week I worked with on my current computer and didn't save it into disk but just put my OS into a sleep mode. Yesterday I ...

undo-redo edit  
user avatar asked by Artyom Score of 1
user avatar answered by Vivian De Smedt Score of 1

How can I disable the terminal statusline in gVim?

I want to disable the terminal statusline in gVim as it seems quite useless and I usually have the windows at a relatively small size when using gVim, so it takes up too much space. I've tried quite a ...

terminal autocmd statusline  
user avatar asked by paradroid Score of 1
user avatar answered by romainl Score of 0

Best way to jump to the nth string block?

Given a line like this: <input class="submit" type="submit" value="update general"> What is the best way to jump directly to the value string block? Usually Iā€™d ...

user avatar asked by Vinn Score of 1
user avatar answered by Vivian De Smedt Score of 0

Is the vim-daily PPA still functioning?

It says on vim PPA manager Jonathon F's launchpad page that: "This account belonged to a deceased user and has been archived." (In fact, Jonathon F. died in January of 2023.) But on the ...

user avatar asked by Melvin Q. Watchpocket Score of 1

Disable syntax expansion on cursor hover

I use Neovim with Vimwiki for a personal wiki of mine. I frequently use its syntax for changing typeface; for example _ _ for italic and * * for bold. The syntax is expanded when the cursor is on a ...

neovim syntax-highlighting plugin-vimwiki  
user avatar asked by efefe Score of 1
user avatar answered by efefe Score of 0

How to skip a line when using visual block mode?

I want to add cursors to all lines except the third, is that achievable? 1 2 3 šŸ‘ˆ skip this line 4 5

neovim cursor visual-block  
user avatar asked by Wenfang Du Score of 1
user avatar answered by romainl Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the purpose of swap files?

When I edit files, Vim tends to create files named .filename.swp, which I find annoying. From vim -h, I see that the -n option suppresses the creation of swap files. Is there a vimrc directive that ...

vimrc crash-recovery swap-file  
user avatar asked by 200_success Score of 103
user avatar answered by jamessan Score of 124

List known filetypes

How can I get a list of the names of filetypes that vim currently knows about? I want to be able to do this so that when vim doesn't automatically detect a filetype I can try some of the filetypes ...

user avatar asked by Praxeolitic Score of 101
user avatar answered by EvergreenTree Score of 114

What is Neovim, and how is it different from Vim?

I've been hearing about Neovim; how does it differ from Vim? All the points on the homepage are just architectural changes 'under the hood'. As a user, what's the difference for me?

user avatar asked by Martin Tournoij Score of 194
user avatar answered by Dhruva Sagar Score of 128

How can I get vim to stop putting comments in front of new lines?

I'm editing my .vimrc file, and I am including comments. When I have a comment like this: " example comment And then hit enter at the end of the line after finishing the comment, the next line is ...

formatting comments  
user avatar asked by Greg Score of 66
user avatar answered by Martin Tournoij Score of 87

Slow vim escape from insert mode

When I press <Esc> from insert mode, it delayed about 1 sec, but if I just do <ctrl+c> instead it is fast. I checked if there were mapping with escape with :verbose imap <Esc>, but ...

user avatar asked by user1946989 Score of 22
user avatar answered by dedowsdi Score of 21

Installing or building vim with +python3 support for Python 3.7.x on linux

I've got Vim installed on MacOS using Brew and it installs with +python3 support for Python 3.7.2 by default. I'm writing a Vim plugin which utilises some Python 3.7 and would like this to be able to ...

macos vimscript-python  
user avatar asked by Willem van Ketwich Score of 15
user avatar answered by João A. Toledo Score of 12

How can I insert text at the end of a group of lines?

Let's say I had a block of text... Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum dolor Lorem ipsum dolor sit Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ...and I wanted to insert a . at the end of each line. What would the best approach ...

insert-mode visual-block  
user avatar asked by vim.ryan Score of 59
user avatar answered by Vitor Score of 64
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