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I use gvim on windows very frequently. I have in my .vimrc:

set confirm

However, this opens a little dialog box, so I have to use my mouse to quit. In command line vim, I get this:

Save changes to "Untitled"?
[Y]es, (N)o, (C)ancel:

Is there anyway I can configure gvim to behave this way?

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That's a good question actually: I had never thought of this before but I added this setting now that I searched for it :-)

From :h gui-w32-dialogs:

6.1 Dialogs

The dialogs displayed by the "confirm" family (i.e. the 'confirm' option, :confirm command and confirm() function) are GUI-based rather than the console-based ones used by other versions. The 'c' flag in 'guioptions' changes this.

So using this in your .vimrc will do the trick:

set guioptions+=c
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Thanks, that was exactly what I needed! – DJ McMayhem Mar 29 at 16:02
I can confirm this works for MacVim/mvim as well. – AbePralle Mar 29 at 21:03

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