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I often run into a situation where I have a file with a lot of mixed case. For example,

CamelCase and camelCase

I'm looking for a Vim regular expression replacement to produce,

AnotherCase and anotherCase

Right now I do this in two steps after visually selecting the lines,


Is this possible in one replacement step, or should I look into other options like a function in .vimrc?

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I would suggest using :Subvert via Tim Pope's Abolish.vim


Vimcasts episode: Supercharged substitution with :Subvert

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This plugin made that so easy. I didn't look under the hood, but thought I'd try :%S/CamelCase/AnotherCase/g, however it only replaces CamelCase and left camelCase as is. No big deal, just something to remember. – wsams Mar 4 at 23:15
It's likely using smartcase or something to that effect so that any upper case characters are required to be upper case but lower case can be capitalized as necessary. – dash-tom-bang Mar 5 at 0:19

You also have the venerable keepcase.



you'll obtain:

 totoTitiTata -> titiTutu
 TotoTitiTata -> TitiTutu
 tototititata -> tititutu
 tototitiTata -> titiTutu
 TototitiTata -> TitiTutu 
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