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I am using tpope's vim-markdown plugin to edit markdown files. Somehow, neovim hides the _ and * chars and changes the text in between to italic or bold depending on quantity of chars. I want to see these chars. How do I configure neovim or vim-markdown to not hide the chars? (note, I looked for vim-markdown help and there is none)

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Why don't you try the issue trackers? – mMontu Feb 16 at 15:55
In this case, I am not sure if it is neovim or vim-markdown question. – user1135541 Feb 16 at 16:03
you can use verbose set conceallevel to see which script change this option – wsdjeg Apr 26 at 15:37
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Those chars are hidden because the conceal feature as you can see on the vim-markdown source.

You can adjust how to this feature is applied to text using the option conceallevel. Setting it to 0 will always show the text.

:set conceallevel=0
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OK, that works... – user1135541 Feb 16 at 16:28
I added the following line to my .vimrc file autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.md set conceallevel=0, but it does not apply, why? I wonder if some plugin changes it after the autocmd does, unless I am not setting it correctly. – user1135541 Apr 7 at 15:32
The same as @user1135541 here: set conceallevel=0 is ignored for json files. Is there a way to get which plugin causes that? – caneta Jul 5 at 15:47

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