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Any way to get Vim to format my comments to comply with Google cpplint?

enter image description here

Top section is not compliant, to comply 5 changes are required.

  1. keep this comment at the same level
  2. Add a space after //
  3. add minimum of two spaces between code and comment
  4. align comments
  5. add space after //

(Note I am also asking this question here, it may be possible to do with Tabular

EDIT: As per recommendation below, this works:

Plugin =>

.nvimrc or .vimrc Configuration:

let g:clang_format#code_style='google'

let g:clang_format#style_options = {
            \ "AccessModifierOffset" : -3,
            \ "Standard" : "C++03"}
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clang-format has a googlestyle setting. I believe there is a plugin that you can use to run it from vim. – FDinoff Feb 11 at 20:38
@FDinoff, awesome it works, if you answer, I will select it as solution... – user1135541 Feb 11 at 22:19
I don't understand (1)--they both have four spaces before the first /, right? – Kyle Strand Feb 12 at 4:52
@KyleStrand: I believe (1) has to do with not indenting that line to match the other two comments (i.e. OP is specifying an edge case that should not change). – Kevin Feb 12 at 5:02
@Kevin Ah, I thought it was saying it should be at the same indent-level as something on the previous or next line, but that makes sense. Thanks. – Kyle Strand Feb 12 at 5:05
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clang-format is a command line tool that formats c++ code. One of the default formatters is google.

clang-format -style=google

There are plugins that would allow you to run clang-format in vim. One such plugin is (I have not used it, it was the first I found)

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